night y’all! So tired… Had to play two volleyball games bc the school thought we had another team, and I wasn’t taken out of either. 

See u tomorrow!

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sqaw ; [2/7] favourite moment → sq trolling storybrooke

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I don’t care what haters say, this is by far the most appealing visual for a DVD cover I’ve seen.

I find it super telling that they decided to go with Regina’s eyes for the entire front cover. I watch the show for her. But it’s like they know that she is their ticket to keeping the show successful marketing wise. It’s a fucking beautiful sight though.

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like this post if you want french toast

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If I ever meet you guys in real life I hope you know my conversations mostly consist of random inhuman noises and sobbing while laughing.

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Lana and Meghan bonding

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 I want to be so tumblr famous people can’t even send anon hate so they just talk about me irl

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